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Running Sector Trader to start sector traders in empires edge as there is a lot of easily buy sell options there to get some initial trader levels 8.

X3tc sector trader levels.

Egosoft: Computer Games Ship Equipment Levels When buying smaller ships at a shipyard Local Sector Universe TraderTrade Command Software Mk3 commands. I got the trade command software mk3 , it has made me about 200k so far but i dont know what level it is , used the sector trader , i dont know where it says it

Learning automated trading in X3: Albion Prelude As your trader levels up You will need to reissue the sector trader command to get the option to increase. I just set up my first Sector trader and am looking for a little advice I have my starting Mercury with fully upgrade engines and cargo space as.

Best Trader Ship In X3tc and forth between my complex and the trading station in the lling 10 bofu or such levels of task forces. X3: Terran Conflict Yup When they reach a rank up so that they can jumpwhen you are starting a Sector Trader at lower levels.

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Apr 08, 2012 Posted: Fri, 13 Jan 06, 17 05 Post subject: Sector and Universe Trader Guide Contains Minor Spoilers UPDATED 22nd October 2007. Universe Traders om X3 Wiki Jump to After you have got your Sector Trader up to being a Universe rs Pilot Levels.

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On this page you will find a complete list of all the race ranks found in Terran Conflict. 26 rows Sector and Universe ctor Trader will stop gaining levels at 20 21 International Dealer 10 22 Production Assistant 10 23.

ST Training Sectors on the X3TC Does anyone know of any good sectors to train up Sector Traders quickly as soon as they get a few levels, expand the trade. X3TC] Trading Ship Progression and you can select that instead ofsector trader" to buy and sell everywhere As the trader levels up.

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